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    DNatureofDTrain's Website Mission:
  • To provide thoughts, poetry, and stories written by Casey Heinzism"DNatureofDTrain" (author/webmaster)
  • To share her favorite links, and her online communities
  • To have a small nice little discussion area, and a good strong network, ran by friends, and not organizations.
  • To have a place where people can post their poetry, stories, chat, and share their own and favorite links.

DNatureofDTrain's Home station is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain "

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My New project.. Changed my mind. I am reopening the Ludetribe, but I have to further form and design it's system... Before recruiting new members again. (but still including them)

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Check The Forum, Announcements for further website news. This page will change into the guest book.. and the home page will be directed to dnatureofdtrain.fuzzyworld3.com/home.html but do not worry. The http://www.dnatureofdtrain.zzn.com will be changed to automatically go to the right home page.. Webs is a great host, and I will continue to use it to host part of my site..but most of my main stuff will be transfered to my other webhost.. So stay tuned for site changes :) .

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DNatureofDTrain's Home station is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism DNatureofDTrain

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