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Q. How do I become a Heinzist?

A. Agree to the Heinzist beliefs shared on the page.

Learn the Heinzist Way, Live by it.

Learn the Sunrise Sunset prayer. Say, sing, pray or chant it daily.

(Note: if one has disabilities and can not learn the prayers, or if you have pet. or child who wants to be a Heinzist.... they are exempt from this memorization rule. but their caretakers or guardians are expected to respect their choice to help them to do their best to live as Heinzist.)

Please email me to let me know if you decide to become a Heinzist.

[email protected] .


Q. I am a Muslim, or from another religion.. and symbolism is forbidden on my spiritual path. Am I required to dress in the symbolism of the Heinzist Way?

A. No, You are not. Dress in the traditions of your faith. faiths, paths, or people. Dress as you were called to dress in your service to the powers at be. Within common sense of course.. That is accepted in Heinzism. The Heinzist symbolic way of dress is just for those who are Heinzist with no other faiths, or for those who are leading the Heinzist ceremony. or are living the warrior way. Dressing within traditional regalia of your people or ancestry is welcome too. A Heinzist circle can be very formal and traditionally dressed, or be informal, and casual as well.. all depending on if you are planning a social, and Heinzists may dress in other traditions as they attend in support to other ceremonies as well..


Q. I would like to be a Heinzist, but I do not want to learn all the Heinzist ceremonies, prayers, and traditions. Can I still be a Heinzist without it?

A. Yes, you can. Only prayer that is required to learn is the Healing Prayer, only thing that is required to be a Heinzist is to learn and live by the Heinzist Way, all the other prayers and ceremonies are completely optional, and may, or may not go with your other spiritual, or philosophical paths or traditions.


Q.What Does Agree to Disagree mean in the Heinzist Way?

A.It means to agree to disagree with those who do not believe, or feel the same way about a religious, spiritual, or political view that you have. This means.. We are neither right, nor wrong.. and respect divinely given free will to accept and respect opinions, and views that are not the same as us. We value tolerance, and diversity.


Q. Are you a prophet?

A. No, I am not a prophet, saint, Holy Man, or any of these things.

I am a just an ordinary human sharing

my eclectic spiritual traditions with the world and hoping to help other spiritual traditions unite together in

prayer, dance, unity, and peace.

I am however:

-recognized as a Shaman through 11 different traditions, but specifically of Heinzism. (celtic visionary, Sangoma, Siberian, Pat Butti, and others that wish their names to not be disclosed for safety reasons, or have passed on.)

-ordained as a Reverend through four different churches.

I Have been recognized for my work with Thunder Spirits, gifted a Heyoka bracelet in this honor...

from C. Whitehorse. I do have 9 Native Nations within my ancestor.. That I know of.. my Mother talked mostly about our Lakota Sioux, and Cherokee Heritage.

I was born to Russell Christian who was Amish from Lancaster, Pennsylvania... The Amish said I had their full blessings to branch off start my own Church or ministry and call myself Heinzist Amish Indian. The Bishop of my Fathers community at age 17 congratulated that he recognized me as an Amish Indian Bishop. Indian is what they still used for Native American....

I was also recognized by my Heinzist Tribe voted in as Chief.. although many left the tribe... They still see me as such. I later got a surprised at Drums Along the Rock in Whitewater, WI. Where head dancers Art Art Shegonee petitioned for me to be recognized as a Chief, and he said he never seen anyone get petitioned or accepted in so fast. This happened after I talked to him about.. When a Bustle of Eagle Feathers once fell upon my feet as dancer passed me.. and I asked him traditionally what would have happened? ... He said.. Traditionally they would have petitioned you to be a Chief. The Bustle incident happened at Drums along the rock in year 1999... What gave me the chills is I ran a group of 275 people.. called the Peace Keeping Rails, and most members left actively participating in our group to go join the Army, Navy, Marines, and coast guard... only 11 feathers did not touch the ground. Feathers represent fallen warriors... Years later.. I went to my class reunion and found that all but 11 members of my original group... Died in war. I knew that my time seeing my friends here on earth was limited the moment those feathers landed on my feet. So, I believe in Omens, for sure. My friends and fellow rails are on the other side now, but what we did for the local community is still positively causing influence. Spirit blessed me to be amongst so many wonderful leaders in my group, and inspiration around me.

- Heinzism is declared as an extension off of the Lakota Heyoka Tradition (Sacred Clown/Contrary path).)

- I am blessed with many honor and titles... But Just call me my name...Dna or "Casey" or DNatureofDTrain I do not need a special title to minister my personal path

that I called Heinzism. Heinzism recognizes everyone as both spiritual leaders and followers.. So titles are not as important. What is important is to remain true to yourself, and others, and only use titles that you have rightfully, and honestly earned. Some Hindu Faith groups have declared me as an Avatar as well. So I been honored with numerous spiritual titles.. But in the end I just call myself a Heinzist.. or a Heinzist Shaman... My ordination titles are Reverend, Priest, Monk, Shaman, Wizard, Bishop and Chief as well through the Universal Life Church, Universal Ministries, it is Rev, and Universal Light Church, Deacon. I was also a Rev. with he Church of the Seven planes, but when the church died no one kept it going....


Q. What Does Harm None mean?

A. It means you will not purposely, Kill, hurt, or harm another human being or animal. The only exception is for survival. No More. Like the survival to eat, survival or self defense etc. This goes along with respecting the Rights of all things and beings. (no, this does not mean you have to be vegan or vegetarian we do not discriminate against meat eating. )

It states Golden rule in parenthesis. The Golden rule of your faith.


Q. I understand what Staying True to myself and Others means. But how can I be untrue to Spirit?

A. Explaining Spirits miracles and signs as being signs of evil, the devil, or failing to notice Spirit's signs in your life. Not staying true to your own spiritual tradition to honor Spirit. Pretending to believe in something about Spirit which you do not. Spreading rumors or falsehood, or misinterpreting Holy Scriptures on purpose to deceived or to be malicious, Sacred writings, or anything in witness of spirit for your own unearned, power, personal gain, or to control another with their fear of Spirit. .. Is all to me considered Not staying true to Spirit. The answer to this one all depends on your other spiritual paths as well. This does not mean people can not explore through role play, acting, or debate. .. As this is allowed.


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