Heinzist Affirmations

Heinzist Affirmations

I am a Heinzist, and I live the Way of Heinzism.

I always abide by the Heinzist Way:

I Remain True to Spirit, Others, and Myself by:

Loving One Another

Harming None (Following the golden rule)

Honoring the Rights of All things and Beings

Agreeing to Disagree


I am a Heinzist Warrior, and live by the strict code of Heinzism.

(Still under Construction..just need to put the modern devotional dress code in is all..)

I, Harm None

I, Love one another

I, Have Respect for Life

I, Have Respect for peoples property.

I, am Honest.

I, am Peaceful

I, am careful with Speech.

I Respect others.

I help orphaned and foster children

I follow The Way of the Knight:

I love justice;

I have courage;

I am benevolent.

I am polite.

I am honorable

I am loyal.

I have self-control.

I search for wisdom.

I have a love of learning.

I Recognize the sacred elements.

I honor and Keep Vows, Promises, and Commitments.

I honor the Divine in all things and beings, and only worship the Divine.

I take proper care of the mind, body, or soul

I live a clean life.

I know that coveting or desiring anything to much can cause pain and suffering.

I am truthful in testimony.

I Follow the three Jewels of the soul

I have 1. Right Conviction

I have 2. Right Knowledge

I have 3. Right Conduct

Heinzism derivative of Following the Sikh Kukras

I wear the 5 devotional symbols of the Heinzist Faith:

I dress Spirit Like to show my devotion, (traditionally long hair)

I wear my symbol of Loving one another, and connection to all things and beings, (Heinzists often wear a small braid behind the right ear)

I dress in comfort, and protect myself.. Just as everyone should be comfortable and protected. (dress with proper modesty and protection.)

I wear my symbol of Strength, Cause I am strong, only a strong person can live and walk in this unique faith.

(purity and strength in Heinzism is symbolized by any type of bracelets traditionally copper or leather bracelets, worn like shackles.. symbolizing being on track following the rail or Heinzist way with proper restraint.

I wear a symbol of discipline, to remind myself to always behave and do that which is right. (this can be symbol of deity, cross, crucifix, or a railroad crossing sign. This can also be duel represented with the Strength symbol.

Wearing the Heinzism Faith symbol also represents all of these things...these symbols do not have to be publicly visible unless you are on duty, to serve, guard and protect.. with the Heinzist Warriors, they usually wear them at all times, unless bathing or healing from an injury.

I remain sober

I Follow and practice Five Constant Virtues

1. Benevolence

2. Righteousness

3. Propriety

4. Wisdom

5. Sincerity

I discern the good and Bad Spirits, and behavior.

I Follow the Way of the Wiselord.

The Way of the Wiselord

“Truth comes first”

To follow the Wiselord’s way you must be pure in thoughts, words, and deeds. You must be charitable and help all in need; you must work the land, grow trees or raise cattle. You must do useful and profitable labor. You must be kind to all useful animals.

Truth is good;

Falsehood is evil.

This is the way of the Wise Lord.

I Remember the three Constant pairs



Birth-Death, are the three constant pairs each mortal must accept.

I Visit sacred or Holy grounds at least once a week (or a permanent sacred space or place. or create an inner sacred space..)

I take part in daily prayer, rituals, and/or worship.

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