Becoming a Heinzist

Althought non-Heinzists are welcome to the list to. But for those who

believe they want to walk the Heinzist Path. I created this file upon

subscription to the list to describe the steps. - Dana C. L. founder of



Step One:

So You Want to become a Heinzist? Just by taking serious interest in

wanting to become a Heinzist and Walking the Heinzist Path. You are

already well on your Way.

First thing you need to do is. Ask yourself. Do I truly Believe and

Agree with the Heinzist Beliefs and Concepts?. Do I truly feel this

is how Spirit is for me?

Am I okay walking a path that over half of the world and most of who

you meet will not understand?

Will I be okay, when I open up and share my path to remember how

important it is to Agree to Disagree, and not shove my own path and

beliefs onto others?..

If you Honestly, Have Answered

Yes. To These questions. You are

Starting down the path as a true Heinzist.

If you already Agree, and Want to be a Heinzist.

Here is the Self

Dedication Ceremony. You can do this in the woods, in your bedroom,

At any time day and night. I personally chose to do this at the edge of

the Marsh at Midday, and shortly after I asked if this was the right

thing for me to do. I had witnessed a Redtailed hawk fly over giving me warm

chills, and made me cry in happiness. But, at the time I did this.

There was not the Heinzist Way ...Yet.

So I dedicated myself To Walk

the Path of a Heinzist, and Live for Spirit as best as I can, as

well as asked Spirit to allow me. To Become a good Heinzist and

allow me to remain open in teaching and sharing what they have

taught to me in forming the Heinzist Traditions.

As soon as Spirit had given my the Heinzist Way, and this self

dedication ceremony. I had did this facing the Rising Son of the

East outside in my front yard looking over cornfields, and again the

Redhawk appeared giving me reassurance that this path is the right

path for me.

If you would like too. Copy Paste and Share what you wear as

Heinzist Symbols with the Group or anything else you added to your

personal Self Dedication Ceremony Feel Free. This is the first step.

Dedicating oneself to this Path, and to Spirit.

I will post next steps every few days to give people time. To start

walking the Heinzist Path.

The Next couple of Steps though for those who want to get started is to Learn the Heinzist Way, And also Learn the Sunrise Sunset Healing Prayer and To Start living by the Way, and Praying the prayer One time a daily Minimum or chanting it. The Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Prayer Chant. Then I'll slowly post the extras for those who want to be the Heinzist Warriors of the faith. Which I will post as I get used to once again walking that strict path. I have had many challenges and battles, with adopted family, and others in the community as well as with my depression and this has caused me to fall astray in the past... from my normal Heinzist Ways. So far, in the end my Heinzism has stood the test in the dark times too.. I want to remain a Heinzist... and the path I know that is right for me.

Take Care, and please if you do this. Welcome to the Heinzist Family. :). I also have on my page a Guest Map, and a The Heinzists Webring. Please if you are Heinzist post on the Guest map what kind and a general location. I want to prove that Heinzism is Just not alive here in Wisconsin But a truely Worldwide path althought there are few of us. If Spirit wants more Heinzists to walk this path with us. Spirit will lead them along this way.

Take Care,

Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain_CaseyJones"


Heinzist Self Dedication Ceremony.

In the name of the Mother of Mothers,

Father of Fathers,

and Spirit of All ascended Masters.

I, [your name], chose to Walk and live by the Heinzist Way.

I, understand what it means to become a Heinzist.

I, understand this is a simple path shared by Dana is to help unite

eclectics from many faiths under the Heinzist Way.

I, understand that I am free to continue practicing in any other faith, religion, and spiritual path and remain a Heinzist as long as I do my best to live the Heinzist Way at all times?

I understand that I can drop this path, faith, or Way of life of my own free will at any time.

I ask you, Mother of Mothers, Father of Fathers, and Spirit of all ascended Masters, Please keep me close to you.

I Promise in the here and in the now, and for as long as I chose to walk the Heinzist spiritual path, To Live By the Heinzist Way.

State your vows to live the Heinzist Way, and if you chose to live as a Heinzist Warrior, or feel the need to wear physical signs of outward devotion as promises and reminders to yourself. Then State what you are wearing in symbol of that. May want to refer to the Heinzist Dress Code. To chose.. what those symbols would be.

I Promise to Remain True to Spirit

I Promise to Remain True to Others

I Promise to Remain True to myself by:

(optional: Then State which Symbol I wear my sacred hat, or let my

hair grow out.)

Loving One Another

(optional: I wear my braid, to symbolize Mother Mothers, Father of

Fathers, and Spirit of all ascended masters)

Harm to None - Doing that which is Right

(or inserting another version of the golden rule here from your

other spiritual path or paths)

(optional: I dress appropriately for the appropriate occasions.)

Honoring the Rights of All things and Beings

(optional: Then State the symbol: I wear a copper Bracelet on my

arms at all times, to symbolize my purity in honoring.)

Agreeing to Disagree

(optional: I wear a cross to symbolize Humility, and self sacrifice)

(They can be presented with the items they chose to wear, instead of stating them if they would like. But if they do this. The Heinzist Priest Should bless them and cleanse them with the Catnip smoke. Catnip is the sacred cleansing herb for this path. They can also use other herbs as long as they are all legal within the local law.)

I also now accept everyone from every path faith and tradition as my brothers and sisters, including atheists.

If I chose to minister the Heinzist faith, I promise to Minister through love, devotion, and example.. Not by force, or manipulation.

I am Now am a Heinzist, of the Heinzism faith.


Step Two:

Here is a Link to the Heinzist Files.

The Next step of walking the Heinzist path is after you feel you are dedicated to this path.

You should Then Learn The Heinzist Way, and Healing Sunrise Sunset Prayer.

This is the simple part and only requirement for all Heinzists. To Be a Heinzist all one has to do is dedicate themselves to the path. (do not even have to do that ceremony if you do not want to.). Pray the Healing Sunrise/Sunset Prayer Chant Once a Day, and Do their best to live and abide by the Heinzist Way at all times. (but do to human error do not be to hard on yourself if you break one of these once in awhile. Learn from the mistake and do you best, to do better next time... You will. :). )


The Heinzist Way


Remain True to Spirit, Others, and Yourself by:

Loving One Another

Harming None - Doing That Which is Right - (Following the golden rule)

Honoring the Rights of All things and Beings

Agreeing to Disagree


Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Healing Prayer

"May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please come to me."

"May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please come surround me."

"May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please flow through me."

"May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Heal all those around me."

Chants, prayed, or sang, Watching the golden light of the sunset, or

sunrise turn to either purple or white."

(c) 2002 Heinzism Dana C. L.


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