The Christian Heinzist Baptism

First off in a Christian Heinzist Baptism. The Person must be old enough to to testify and understand the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We As Heinzists Look at Jesus slightly different, because we accept so many ascended masters. We Believe that one is Saved through Christ's Love, and that his death is a symbol of how much he loved those who believed. We believe that when Jesus died. He died for people of all faiths, all religions, all cultures.

Whether the Person accepts Jesus or Not. We believed he died for anyone who is willing to accept the Love of Mother of Mothers, Father of Fathers, Spirit of All the Ascended Masters.

Baptism is a symbol of Accepting that Jesus lived, and died for all people whom he Loved regardless of our wrong doings as long as we believed in his love, did our best to correct our wrong doings, strive to do that which is right and obeyed his teachings. (not necessarily the rest of the Bible or Teachings of the Christian Churches, But in the Teachings of Jesus Christ himself.).

All Heinzists May be Baptized in this way. But we accept Jesus on a Universal Level. Not Just on a Christian Level. I personally Have accepted Jesus as my Lord, and Savior through love. But.. I refuse to use the Title Christian because of my Non-Christian beliefs.. I do not want to confuse young people who want to walk a Christian only path is why I never use that label. Heinzism rejects Human Sacrifice, but accepts love, and symbolic sacrifice.

The water-baptism service is as follows:

First Open the Circle with the Heinzist Four Directional Prayers:

Then Pray The Lord's Prayer:

Then Pray the Pagan's Pledge:

Then State:

Mother of Mothers, Father of Fathers, Spirit of All Ascended Masters.

Today We Approach you under the Tradition of Lord, Savior, and Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

As We perform take Part in a Living Symbolic Testimony, of Our Christian

Heinzist Brothers and Sisters.

We acknowledge As the Person is Testifying that he or She believes. That

they are representing the Life or Christ.

As they testify they represent the Life of Christ;

As they Go down within the Sacred Water, They represent The Death of Christ;

As they are raised out of Water, They represent the resurrection of Christ;

And By this baptism, are showing a symbolic and public testimony that they chose to follow and Accept Jesus Christ, as one of their Main Lords, Savior, and as a very important Ascended Master in their walk of faith.

Both the devotee of Christ for baptism and the baptizer enter the water, and stand side by side.

As the Witness and family Members stand lined up along the side of the Water.

Then they may give his/her testimony.

The baptizer will ask the devotee of Christ, "Have you received Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

The devotee of Christ will respond by saying, "Yes, I have received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior".

The baptizer will place his/her hands behind the devotee of Christ; one is placed on the devotee of Christ's lower back, and the other is placed on the back of the devotee of Christ's neck.

The devotee of Christ will cross his arms in front of his body, and pinch his nose.

The baptizer will say, "I, therefore, baptize you in the name of the

Fathers and Mothers, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit".

The devotee of Christ will gently fall backwards, while the baptizer supports the devotee of Christ's weight with his hands.

The baptizer will allow the devotee of Christ to be immersed in the water for a second, and then will quickly bring the devotee of Christ up from the water with his hands.

Praise God! (Then everyone Applauds)

Then the individual may sing a song of Praise. Amazing Grace, or some other Praising hymn and others may join in and sing along if they would like. If there is more than one being baptized then they all stand in front and sing Amazing Grace together. (only if they want to. Some people are shy to lead in a singing, and do not have to. If this is the Case the Minister leads the singing, or whoever the person who was just baptized chooses to leads gets to. This is usually the person that inspired them on the Christian Path, and it is to be considered a great honor if you are chosen by the devotee to lead in Praise of their baptism.)

Then We close out the Circle.

Om Thank Thee. Angels of all the quarters. Then we end with the Heinzist Departing Blessing: As Above So Below May the Spirit of Love Flow through us all, Go in Peace.


A third person (assistant) may be needed to assist the baptizer in raising the devotee of Christ from the water. The assistant should enter the water with both the devotee of Christ, and the baptizer at the beginning of the service. When the baptizer places his hands behind the devotee of Christ, the assistant should do so as well.

It is necessary, sometimes, to conduct a baptism for one who cannot be immersed. For instance, a pastor may be called upon to baptize one who is either sick, or bedridden. In such a case, the baptizer should ask the same questions asked in the immersion baptism; however, the immersion is substituted with pouring or sprinkling. The baptizer pours or sprinkles a small amount of water on the candidate's forehead.

It is important to remember that the devotee of Christ for water baptism must be a believer (Acts 8:36-38). In Heinzism we do not conduct a baptism for one who is not conscious. We Believe, baptism is symbolic, and it has no saving value. It must be performed only at the request of one who has been saved, and who wants to obey their Lord and Savior's command to be baptized.

Water baptism for infants is not biblical, and it should never be performed. (In the Heinzist Tradition) An infant cannot receive Christ, and has no comprehension of the meaning of the symbolic nature of baptism. The Bible is clear that both infants, and children are innocent (Matthew 19:13-15) until the age of accountability; they are under God's protection until they can make an informed decision about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although they cannot be baptized, they can be prayed over for the purpose of dedicating them to the Lord.

However if you disagree with this last paragraph and feel the need to baptize your child. Then Please go to one of the Christian churches you agree with. This rite is usually for Heinzists who want to devote themselves to Christ and Live as Christian Heinzists. Not all Heinzists have to be baptized, and if you feel more comfort going to a Christian Minister, Priest, or Clergy then Please do so. Remember Heinzism does Not Limit an members to only go to Heinzist Circles. As long as we remain respectful, and do not cause trouble, and follow the rules. We can participate in any other church or faith.

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