Heinzist Cleansing File

Full Moon Cleansing Ritual - With Incence Bowl, or Pipe.

(Must have permission and be of legal Smoking Age for Pipe,

and Any Responsible person May do this ceremony with an Incence bowl.)

This is a Heinzist Only Ritual,

unless a Non-Heinzist is being honored, and allowed to participate.

See Full Moon Ritual For Further Instructions.


Cleansing Meditations, or Prayers.

(once a week at least. )Cleansing Rain/shower ceremony.

Visualization of White light coming out of the shower head, or Rain cloud

Ask Spirit to cleanse you, Chant the Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Healing Prayer With eyes closed,

and then imagine the water bathing you in cleansing white light.

and then Thank Spirit.


Most of the cleansings each tradition has

has certain types of Blessings which are also seen as spiritual cleansings.

Our Sacred Plant to use in cleansing is Catnip, and any other plants that have been blessed, or Consecrated in the Heinzist Way, or the Way of the other spiritual path in which we walk.

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