Heinzist Council Goals

Goals of the Heinzist Council.

* Form the Council.

* Join together other leaders in their branches of the Heinzist faith.

* Set the standards for each branch of form of Heinzism.

* Communicate with each other on what is allowed in the eclectic ceremonies

and what is not allowed to be used by the Heinzists. That are not of their

branch of faith.

* Find and unite other Heinzists, and bring Heinzism to its final form.

If you Agree with the Heinzism values and spirituality. You are allowed to

join the Heinzism council.

All you have to do is join this yahoogroup.


or contact Casey Heinzism on Facebook.

Non Heinzists are allowed to join the group if they are curious. But non

Heinzists will not be allowed into the Council. (although our discussion

topics will be open to Heinzists and non-Heinzists.. Members of the

Heinzist council will have the final say, and are expected to be active

members of their Heinzist faith.

If you want to join the Heinzist Council first join this yahoogroup as that

is how will communicate.. then email me at me off the list.. With why you

want to join. What you plan to do to help. And if you are a minister,

Reverend, Mulla, Rabbi, Let me know, If you have credential status in

another faith and what faith it is. You can either be a leader of one of

the leaders off that branch of Heinzism., Atheists are welcome too.

you may email me at [email protected] As well if interested in Heimzism put Heinzism in the subject line.

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