Heinzist Council Members

Members of the Heinzist Council, in order they joined. (note: Tribal council names are not members legal names, Accept the Cats.)

There is no fee, or pay to become part of the Heinzist counsel. All that is

expected is that the members and Leaders are truly Heinzists live the

Heinzist way and agree with the Heinzist's Spiritual Concepts.

We as a group of the Council Will be setting standards, creating

ceremonies, as well as almost creating our own tradition for our ecletic

spiritual lifestyles.

Any person of any race is allowed. And No one is obligated to stay as a

member if things so happen to change or sway to a direction that is not

true to what you believe.



Founder of Heinzism

Leader (until we decided how to vote on a leader.)

Head of the Varigated - Heinzism Branch.

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