The Heinzist Funeral

If the person did not have any other religious or Spirit tradition. This ceremony would be the same as the Sunset prayer ceremony. with this done after the Opening Prayers, and the Prayer to the Earth and Sky.


Heinzist Funeral

Very Very Simple, and can be placed into a funeral of anyone's spiritual or religious tradition.

Place a Feather into their Right hand,

Tell them "I love you" or any other messages you would like to say to them.

Tell them you are or will be alright.

If you'd like them to visit you in Spirit, tell them this as well.

Tell them you know its okay for them to cross over into the light (Heaven,

Nirvana, Whatever you knew they believed in.)

Then Nod your head an state, holding their hand,

"Though your Flame has burned out in the physical realm.

It still lives on in the Astral (other, or heavenly or what your name for the place in the after life is here.) Realm".

Then Smile at them with love and compassion, Remember their smile and a good time, Then glance whatever direct your believe the after life is located. I glace Southwest, as I believe that is where the light is, and direction of Heaven.


You should also do a sunrise, or Sunset ceremony, and before you close after you sacred prayers do something in their honor, thanking them for being part of your life. I usually sing songs I know they would like, or just talk about some of our best memories together, or I state what I am gonna do later in their honor, and then I do so.

Then close out the Heinzist Sunset Prayers, and keep to your word.


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