The Heinzist Healing

The Heinzist Healing

This is a file for those who practice different healing arts. This Shows Sounds to Colors, to Sanskrit term, personality type, and characteristics. This list will be helpful in a lot of things.

This list will be used in Energy healing, and how we form personal chants. Most traditions will use the Sanskrit or area terminology to describe which Chakra they are dealing with. Heinzist Spiritual workers will generally use the sound name. So when they are teaching it to children it will be easier for them to remember. :).


Sound (Color)

Sanskrit term - area + Personality/characteristics


ee (Red)

Muladhara - genitals + physical-sensation/Sensation; Sex, Fear and Anger

ih (Orange)

Swadhistana + "Splenic Plexus" - socially seeking/Social; Ambition

ah (Yellow)

Manipura + Solar Plexus - intellectual Thinking/Intellect Change

ay (Green)

Anahata + Heart security or self-centered/possession, jealousy, power

oh (Blue)

Vishuddha + throat contemplative-old fashioned/Mental concepts, authority, reverence

uh (Purple)

Ajna + forehead - intuitive-visionary/Intuition, sensitivity, envy or admiration

Om (Indigo)

Sahasrara + crown - root of present imagination/Imagination, shame and wonder


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