The Heinzist Blessing

First Harvest Catnip or Sage around Sunrise or Sunset, or Just before a Thunderstorm. Ask the catnip or sage for permission to harvest some. As you pick it. say, "I thank you for allowing me to harvest you for our sacred use." Do not cut all the way down to the root unless the stalk is already dried out. Make sure there is no fungi or rust on it. If there is pick it off and throw it in an area where the fungi or disease will not spread.

Dry the Catnip for 2-3 days. Hang it upside down. When its dry enough either grind it into a powder with your fingers, or grind it in an herb grinder or between stones.

After its a fine powder. Store it and keep it dry till its ready to be used.

When you find the object or person to be blessed.

You tap your middle, index, and thumb into the powder or just one finger.

And Say Please cleanse this object.

Then Tap on top of the Object. Mother of Mothers. Tap fingers into the Catnip or Sage again... Then Tap the bottom of the Object. Father of Fathers. Then tap into the catnip or Sage again. Spirit of All... Tap the Right Side. Then the again quick into the sage of catnip.. and then Left side.. Ascended Masters.

Please Clean and Bless this Object. To make perfect in Spiritual Use. Then then Rub the finger smudges starting from left to right in a spiral motion inward. Gently brushing the Catnip or Sage all over the surface of the object or part that will be used in sacred ceremony. Also, at this point you can continue to dip your fingers into the catnip or sage to cover the object.

And then Say Thank You Spirit.

You may also. Let Water sit in the sunlight for one hour. During Sunrise or Sunset time. Asking Spirit to Charge it with cleansing and healing energies. Then You just put a little sprinkle catnip in the bowl in the same manner you would blessing the object very little though. Then stir it with your athame, a railroad spike, or your finger. But this Holy Water is not for drinking unless you make sure the Sage, or Catnip, water and tools you use are clean enough to drink out of. Rain is also considered natural Holy water, So gathering a small dish of rain water and sprinkling a bit of catnip or sage in the manner above is how we traditionally do this in Heinzism. Spirit taught me how the other day.

Another Way is we use Sage and Catnip, in Smudging. You can use the Stalks and burn them like incense, or crumple the leaves and burn them in a fire proof bowl. But if you use this method make sure you do so responsibly as to not burn yourself, Children, property, woods etc. If you are Gonna burn things outdoors make sure you take water along to pour on it. We prefer one to burn it in a cauldron, a pipe (only for the full moon ritual), or some form or a incense bowl, or incensor? (what is the word I am looking for.)

You May use the smoke on a bowl and Waft it from Head to toe slowly. You can either chose to breath in the smoke or not. If you have allergies or asthma is best to hold your breath or stick to the Sacred Water, or just powder method. You can rub powder on you, as well But it does not have to touch the skin, and only has to be a thin layer. (Note: For self cleansing its always best to Chant the healing prayer in a shower, stand in the golden rays of the sun asking spirit to cleanse you, or Ask the Rain to cleanse you.)

All of these blessings can be done as form of cleansing of oneself as well.

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