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File Name : Heinzist Faith Prayer
URL : Heinzist Faith Prayer
About File : A prayer for the Heinzist Faith

File Name : Heinzism Healing Sunrise/Sunset Prayer
URL : Heinzism Healing Sunrise/Sunset Prayer
About File : A Prayer To be said daily at either sunrise, sunset or both.

File Name : Heinzism Prayer invocations
URL : Heinzism Prayer invocations
About File : Used in entering and existing prayers, ceremonies, or rituals

File Name : Reminder of Spirit Love.
URL : Reminder of Spirit Love.
About File : A reminder in nature of Spirit's love

File Name : The Four Directions Prayers
URL : The Four Directions Prayers
About File : This is the prayers we use in open the Heinzist Circle, The prayers are also one morning, mid day, evening, and midnight prayer.. as well.

File Name : The Heinzist Version of the Lord's Prayer
URL : The Heinzist Version of the Lord's Prayer
About File : This is the Heinzist Version of the Lord's Prayer. As Heinzists we pray many different versions of this. This is one of our. Other version you can find on the Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Ceremony file.

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