The Heinzist Version of the Lord's Prayer

The Heinzist Version of the Lord's Prayer

edited on: April 18th, 2019...

I decided to post this version of the Lord's prayer instead..

I did fix it some from the translation..

So it flows more naturally...

The other prayer I had posted is nice..

but, let's face it..

that is more of a derivative of The Lord's prayer than The Lord's Prayer..

I will leave it posted, and people are still welcome to pray it...


however is about walking in truth.

So, I looked around for a new translation I could find that rings true to the Heinzism,

This is a version.. I will encourage people to use in a Heinzist service..

However.. any version of the Lord's prayer is welcomed... - Casey Heinzism

The Lords prayer

Translation from Aramaic/Chaldean,

I edited it slightly from the Mary's Rosary page.

You may also pray option with or without our traditional opening or closing...

Traditional Heinzist prayer opening:

Mother of Mothers,

Father of Fathers,

Spirit of All Ascended Masters,

Our Father

within the heavens

holy be thy name.

Let come

thy kingdom.

Let be

thy desire

and thy will

even as in heavens

So on earth

give us our bread

that we need

day to day

forgive us

our offenses

even as

we also have


of our offenders

let us

not us enter

into temptation

but part us

from error and evil,

because thou art

dominion and authority

and glory,

in song...,

from ages

through ages


or you can state..

sealed in trust,

faith and truth.

Traditional Heinzist prayer closing

For Alleh Ace Uno. Ameen.

My Editors notes: I also took a couple places where the world translates into more and one word, and added them both, like evil and error, and then Glory and Songs was translated to both so I worded it as glory in song...

Source of prayer and translation is from Mary's Rosaries. Aramaic prayers page.

This prayer is an slightly adapted of the Lord's Prayer. Most common in Christianity. (this prayer below will be renamed, and future edited at a later date... I was attempting to post the prayer I found above but could not relocate it until now, is how this derivative was formed.)

Mother of Mothers,

Father of Fathers,

Spirit of All Ascended Masters,

Hallowed by thy names.

Thy Kingdoms Come.

They will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Come fill my Spirit, Life, and Soul,

and Please help us to forgive those who do wrong,

as we have did wrong against them.

Lead us away from negativity,

and Help us to always do the right thing.

For Alleh Ace Uno. Ameen.

adapted by D. C. L.

From the Lord's Prayer.

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