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Welcome to Mother Nature of US Stories!.

Mother Nature of Us Is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Dedicated to: Grandma Shaman, My Grandparents, and all of those people whom supported me, loved and helped me in gradeschool.

Mother Nature For a Nickname.

I was born on October 25th, 1979. My biological mother always said that I had Indian (today they call it Native American. but in 1980's the teram was American Indian) in me. Then at the age of six, I was adopted to the L's, and went to Milton Schools. I always liked to tell people about dreams I had. Sometimes they did not understand that what II was telling them was a dream, instead as... something that I believed in or was real. (I would talk fast, and people would miss alot of what I was saying. I also had a crossbite and a sever speech impediment)

I was in 3rd grade, and during lunch recess had decided to tell my latest dream.

To a small group of friends, We gathered almost daily for a small walk down the school yard to share each of our dreams then split ways. I was known to go group to group, talking a little bit with everyone, in between trying to suvive for my life, swinging, or dreaming of railroading, staring at the Milton House and the Railroad Tracks.

We walked down to the end of the grade school soccer fields and all sat under some trees, in the south East of the school yard in the grass. There were also about 9 or 10 other students who just started Taggin' along and stood around eaves dropping. I told them this:

"I had a dream that I was sitting in the woods at my sacred place, and was just enjoying nature. Suddenly a lady with white hair appeared. She said, " I am your great grandmother. You have been chosen, to carry the powers of nature."...."By the time you are 20 years old you will be the real Mother of your own unique Nature. With this you will be an unstoppable warrior." The Lady then walked away into the grass and disapeered."

Then I woke up.

I saw the tag alongs run off as fast as they could a crossed the field back to the play yard. before I said the words

"Then Iwoke up."

I talked with my friends and they told me I was crazy, and you don't believe this.. I told them it was only a dream, and I thought that it was neat.

Word got around and next thing I new, I had a new nickname. I was called Mother Nature by almost everyone, and I led on with that nickname to take the harassment off of my real name. So when I fought or did something daring, I had used the name Mother Nature. Once in a great while, someone still calls me by that name.

(But, due to reasons of Post Traumatic stress, I ask people who approach me on the streets to not call me Mother Nature, unless it is agreed to ahead of time, or unless it is a Mother Nature planned public event. Which will be Rare.. Mother Nature prefers to hang just in nature with animals, and to be left alone.)

I had now graduated from Milton with the class of 99 YAY! No more being bound to the Milton school District!.... But my sisters still go to school there. On day in 1998, a sister who is 9... in the grade school (4th or 5th grade) Had asked me if I was that Mother Nature person they talk about all the time. The discussion came up into the kitchen, She said,

"Hey you are weird like that Mother Nature they always talk about...... My other sisters looked at her like what? I did too....... (one of those silverware all hitting the table moments...) So variations of things I did and stories I told for protection, are still floating around the Milton School District, in the student body. I am alright with that.. I think it is neat to be a school yard legend, as long as people are not using what I did to cause harm or issues.

I ask my little brother if he's heard anything... His eyes got wide opened and he said, " Yeah! she's scary, chases all the boys away....very.. scary... man." I could not help but laugh because that is the same words many of my peers, and classmates used to say,

"You are scary, you chase all the boys away... you are one scary person. I wish I could do what you do. You are weird."

Good news is my little tricks, and stories, finally stopped most of the physical fights from carrying on into my Middle School.... But the Bad News is...

"Who would want to date that Mother Nature Chick... She's scary."

I decided to tell you all this story cause when I refer to my Mother Nature days or you ever hear me make referances to that. That is where I got the nickname from. The Mother Nature Days are from 3rd to 5th grade. (age 9-11) Fifth grade wore me out cause I was tired of having to learn and be, the know it all, Mother Nature, who wears make-up and feministic stuff. (I never totally gave into pressure. But I was getting positive attention and my friends thought it would be awesome if I dressed how Mother Nature should look .) .. But my ideas of how she looke did not match what the public wanted. They wanted a pretty lil girl in a dress with make-up. I wanted to dress as Tom Boy, no make up, and all natural cotton clothes. .. I thought Mother Nature should be wearing muscle shirts, and Jeans, or shorts..... I had other more native styles of dress views.. and if it was a dress involved it should be a Hawaiian grass skirt. One thing people would aske me daily was,

"If you are Mother Nature doesn't that Mean you are married to Father Time.?"

This really upset me, because I thought of Father Time was God, and did not want to be married to God...

Besides I really was a Tom Boy, and I got so sick of being called Mother and putting on this little feminist show show they would finallly leave me alone.

After awhile, i learned, I could not please them no matter what I did. They got angry because I would not let them call me Mother Nature. I was really a major Tom Boy, and did not want to continue on with this girly crap. I didn't care how others dressed and looked, and wanted people to not care about how I looked. But no matter what, I could never get out of the center of attention. And it was not good attention. It was very negative attention. I got to thinking that attention was bad, and tried to do all I could to withdrawl and be a loner. Turns out that my so called friends were just using me. I only had 2-3 real friends and they were not very good ones. (One was using me to be popular and the others were fake friend's the school system and my parent's set up to be my friends.. They were suppose to be helping me with my issue of "telling bizarre stories, they were doing the opposite and encouraging me to make up things they could tell there friends. that I totally said, when most was what they said and I just add jokes to it to giggle.. I had no idea this all had happened or was going on unto year 2011 when some documents about this landed into my hands accidentally.)

I am not a happy-go-lucky person all the time, and through things I write about my past you can see what kinds of things trigger certain responses in me. I had some good times and some bad times with the Nickname Mother Nature. If someone calls me that name, they have to be very careful at how they say it. As if it is said in a certain way, it will automatically trigger my alertness to fight, defend, scare off, and suspicion.... of who says it. My friends claimed it brought on a totally different personality ...who knows.

At first years later, I did not talk to my therapist about the Mother Nature days.. and would not.. Id later on tell her about some incidents but not all the details.

Now I only use that name in Magickal practices. I guess it's meant to be. Yes, that dream came true. I am the the Mother of Nature alright. But I am the Mother of my Own Different, and Totally Unique Nature, and I am also wide known for respect, and fighting things that are not right like stereotypes, and things that should not ever be said.

(c) 2013 DNatureofDTrain Casey Heinzism All rights reserved

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