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Welcome to Mother Nature of US Stories!.

Mother Nature of Us Is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Dedicated to: Grandma Shaman, My Grandparents, and all of those people whom supported me, loved and helped me in gradeschool.

Mother Nature's First Rain Dance/Rain Calling

I was in 1988 was the Same year I did my first Rain Dance...

I lived in Wisconsin, it was a major drought. So much so that everything in class was centered around wanting rain, bringing rain etc.

My Music Teacher, had a rain dance Song it was Lakota. The Exercise was for different songs from cultures worldwide to be played. Then play the song and she would choose a student and describe the dance steps and we as students had to listen and try to do the dance based on the instruction then we could listen to a 60 second clip to see how well we did. There was no right or wrong, since no one know how to validate the dancers done anyhow.

Well, I had the nickname Mother Nature, and everyone elected me to do the Lakota Rain Dance one. When 30 seconds into the Dance, It started raining, so the teacher kept restarting the clip they were so happy. Then she played the little bit on the TV thing, and then we all got to run outside and dance in it. It was so awesome..

This is how I got the reputation for being a "rain dancer" ....

I was told for extra credit to go home choose a sacred rock, to dance around, bring the rock to school and then I could take it back home. This was after they asked me what Nature says I should do to make it keep raining. That is what my answer was. I choose a granite rock that I still hold to this day my rain callings.

The Rock I choose was a huge pink Granite rock. I also had plenty of dreams and visions and even my nickname "Mother Nature" was a nickname I had recieved to dreams that by the students misunderstood the meaning of. In the dream I was told I was going to learn how to bring rain and sunshine seeming to control the weather .. but I am really working with nature spirits, and become the Mother of my Own Unique Nature.. before the age of 20. I did not know what it meant, I was the most picked on and beat on person at that time, in our school district,..but.. Something wonderful happened the name itself gave me strength, so I would ask everyone to call me Mother Nature.. and I played into the craziness of people who thought I thought I was Mother Nature. So I had fun with that. I had Learned a lot about science, and could openly use what I did not know at that time was my psychic/Shamanic gifts/abilities. - Talking to Animals, Nature Spirits, Plants.... using Healing Energies. For the first time I was allowed to be myself and was starting to be respected... but die to the "Powers" they called it well everyone wants to challenge a person with Power, so the fighting got worse....

I defeated all my enemies... by making good friends out of them... (well, accept family members, who were dead set against my doing this...This just alienated me from my family further, accept my Grandparents.)

Later on everyone I ever fought joined up with me as Allies to make a positive difference... Well. almost everyone... All non family members.. My family relationships fell apart during this period of my life. My Grandparents and I got along Great. I could not communicate with my Parents hardly at all there were so many lies and rumors, I felt like I was yelled at all the time about things I never did, and not given enough credit for what I did. So I seen Mother Earth as my Mother, and Yahweh/Jesus as my father at that time of my life. I appeared very selfish to some people. I was just trying to survive and give to the world and make it a better place as much as I could. I just never knew then, that age 33 the same rumors, and issues from then would still be haunting and destroying my life now.. so I hope by sharing some of my stories here. I can clear up some misconceptions.

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