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Mother Nature of Us Is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Dedicated to: Grandma Shaman, My Grandparents, and all of those people whom supported me, loved and helped me in gradeschool.

Mother Nature - The Song

The Song
My mom came in my room to wake me up. As soon as she opened the door, I jumped out of bed ready to attack. My mom said, "Come on Case-time to get up." Then she walked away humming an Irish tune. I got up and put on a green shirt and some blue jeans, as I did this I was remembering what I had done the day before. I remembered fighting and being harassed as Mother Nature, a nickname I was widely known as.

That same day, one of my kindergarten friends, K., told me I should write some songs about nature since I liked it so much. During my second hour class with Mrs. D, we had to write poems. My favorite was my, "I Like Spring" poem, that I wrote in Mrs. J's third grade class.

Right when I sat down I heard myself repeat the poem rhythmically. Now, I thought, I have the words and rhythm now I need the tune. I thought of all my favorite songs. Including Prince's "Purple Rain", Beach Boys "Kokomo", Bangle's "Eternal Flame", and tunes I made up myself. I combined bits and pieces to make my new song. I was singing different different combinations until R, my bus driver told me "Shut up and be quiet!" (she told me that everyday.. but that was nothing new.)

Finally, I got off the bus and took some deep breaths, while asking Jesus why I had to keep fighting and telling him I don't want to fight. (I also pray to let G-d know that I forgive those that hurt me, as long as he forgives me for making it even.) That kid and his school bag, Had jumped out at me again. He would wait until I was about to come around a corner, and he would lose his school bag full of hard books, and then swing it at me. I managed to dodge him and I ran a crossed the playground to find a supervisor. Once again, no one was out there.

I ran toward the M Elementary school building to escape a small mob of boys chasing me with sticks. I did not want to fight is why I ran. I was tired of fighting. I ran into the first grade school hall doorways it was dark, and by bad luck ran into Mrs. B.. She started to yell at me because I was in the building before the bell rang. I yelled back at the same tone she used at me, "The Boys are trying to beat up me!" She yelled. "I don't care get back outside!" "What about the Boyz?"


(hearing that I knew I had to go back out and fight.) I ran down the hallway as fast as I could, as I approached the doors saw the boys standing there. I kicked open the doors and bumped my knee really hard on that bar in between them as I let out my famous shout. "OOOOHWaaaaaaaaaaeOOoooooh!"

(I never new the origin of this shout until this year. It's Liono's Hoooooo! shout from the thundercats combined with an old Indian warcry..in my own style.)

I always thought the supervisors were some kind of devils because most of the time they would not help me, but always seemed to work against me and twist the incidences around to be always my fault.

The boys scattered as I shot out of the building. That is when I realized, what a nice day it was. When I wasn't fighting for my life dodging sharp sticks, rocks, and paper Chinese stars with pins in them, I walked around looking for my friends, and trying to finish the song. This was one of the bad mornings. I fought all morning, Even standing in line on the way into school, I had to be prepared to defend myself, against sudden slaps, hits, or kicks. (I ticked them all off. I absolutely refused to cry out in pain, and show my disgust. The best defense I learned it to act like it did not happen or giggle and say Awh.. thank you. I love you too. To fire back with nice compliments and remarks. They did not know what to do or think when I did this. Or just suddenly strike them flat on their butt, and begone before they look up at where you were. Bought me a few moments of peace.)

Finally I was safe in the classroom with some friends and people who cared. I was still mentally trying to make up this tune. I couldn't stop if I tried. Time passed on and I went to Mrs. D's Language and working on poetry. (This is my 5th grade poetry on my poetry page. DNatureofDTrain.com site.) Then I went to Mrs. B's class to work on my division. (~math work of the devil yuck.~) Finally my favorite class, Science with Mr. B.. Before I entered his room I was in another fight. (I thought by then I had forgot about the song.) When I sat down the room was completely quiet except for my singing and tapping. I didn't even realize that I was doing it.

In a normal class you would be told to be quiet. Mr. B. was handing out a science test, on labeling the parts of the flower. Out of the blue, I started to sing really loud. Everyone started giggling and saying my name. Mr. B. had a classroom rule, for test days, that if you hummed you would have to get up in front of the class and sing.

I got up while Mr. B. gave me a strange look. I said, "Do I have to- ah?" He said, "Yes, you have to sing and dance for us!" "What did you say? Dance?"


"uh.. But How can I dance when I don't have a tune uh yet?"

"Casey, go dance now or you will have to do it after school!"

I let out a quick sigh, and paced back and forth a couple of times across ed the front of the classroom." Suddenly a different beat came into my head, and I started to dance it out, and notice a part in the floor was hpllow and made a different sound. Then I looked at Mr. B. again. He said, "Now or After school Casey.."

"Now are you ready?"

::sighs in disbelief::

"As ready as I'll ever be."

People were talking.

I snapped,

" If you want me to, it's got to be quiet, total silence!"

It seemed at an instance everything was quiet except people

whispering you can do it! Go Casey!. (it was the boys who normally mock me... but I took it in good nature.)

Then I did:

(I like Spring, and the Nature Rap. by DNatureofDTrain (c)1990)

Link to hear DNatureofDTrain as an adult singing it:


(rapped and stomped on the floor doing the jazz square)

Hey yo! ... I like Naturah....

more than anything in the world... in... the world... so you come

with me to the land of the free yeah-ha-a-ah!

And sang. with a spontaneous dance.

I like Spring Summer and Fall,

But I like Spring best of all.

What I like best about Spring,

is when the Birds begin to sing.

When the grass does grow green,

the prettiest flowers to be seen.

Daaaaaa tada datatadata daaaaataataa Da ta data tadata da ta duh.

Watch the geese flying in a V,

as they all fly over me,

and that's the way it always runs

time to end my singing fun!

Hey yo I like Nature more than anything in the world

in the world, and you just came with me to the land of the free


I started to fastwalk toward my desk in the back of the room.

Everyone in class was clapping and cheering. Mr. B. called me back up

front, and asked me, "How many years have you been doing this?" I

replied, "Just now."

"No when did you make it up?"

"Okay.. I wrote some of the words in third grade, and the tune, and the rest all today."

He couldn't believe me. He asked the class if they wanted me to do it again?

They did. I do not know how I could since it was all spontaneous. But I did it again.

He called off the test, and asked others if they wanted to sing or dance something in front of the class. (I was already had my flower labeled, and had the back of the test covered with drawing of flowers and teeny weeny railroad crossing signs.) A few other students did there's, but Mr. B would not quit bringing the classes attention back to mine. He told me since the class loved it so much. I had to do this dance everyday, once in his first hour class, and then I had to do it in my science class before I went home.

It zipped around the school in a hurry about my dance. I did not want to do it. But shortly learned I could get out of fighting by doing so. It was Friday. When we came back to school on Monday, people told me they had my tune in their head still, and Mr. B was humming it.

Over the weekend I had forgot about it, until at first hour on Mon. after people were begging me.

I went to the supervisor to get people to leave me alone. Oh what help that was. She wanted to see the dance, and made me do it. I ended up doing this little ditty at least once doing each break, and in other people's classrooms. They all loved it. I entered it into the talent contest BS. I am just about everyone was disappointed I did not make it in with it. I wore make-up and a green dress because people wanted to see Mother Nature sing "the Nature Song". It got boring and tiring... and wore me out.

By this time I had almost completely lost touch with myself, and had thought of me as mother nature. For those who really knew me, were kinda worried, when I would refuse to talk trains, and instead recite many statistics and would just constantly teach about the environment. I hated singing my song all the time, and even missed the bus a few times by doing so. When I got on the bus.. hehehe ):)

... I sat in the front seat and sang it as loud as I could. Our bus driver ragged on every rider for no reason at all. So I got my payback, and was pleased. Later on, my friends, and people were telling me about the malls new advertisement.

"I like Spring, Summer, and Fall but what I like best is going to the Mall"

and I would see other signs around town pop up like that.... coincidence maybe?... But my friends and I don't think so. :)

The year was 1988, when I did this. Someone in chat the other night mentioned an older

"I like Spring song."? I never heard it that I remember. But I did listen to 80's and oldeys all the time in gradeschool. So I hope my proud little ditty, was not a take off from someone elses writing. (in all truth Dad helped me write that poem in third grade.) It was all there already, the ideas and rhyme, but my conjuctions, grammar, and spelling were off. The rap part was completely spontaneous. I can still do this dance and song today if I wanted to.

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