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This blog is for the purpose of my sharing my favorite news articles on any general topic I like.. But will mostly share Railroad related news articles and "Casey Jones" News articles. (Note:  the locomotive engineer I was nicknamed after, Railroad news, as well as links I like to other news articles people share with me. I do not write any of these news articles, I do share, my comments, thoughts, and other links in topic relation. None of the links to what I share are necessarily associated or affliated with myself or DNatureofDTrain unless I state otherwise.. I hope you enjoy the content I post for you to read... I will post also at times Amazon affliate links related to news article content, or other small ads in the posts.

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About Me: DNatureofDTrain

My pen name is Casey Heinzism, and Nickname is Casey Jones, after the railroad legend.. My site name and username everywhere is DNatureofDTrain, that is also my stores names. I am 30 years old currently residing in Wisconsin's marshlands. I enjoy animals, and nature, and definately have a love and passion for trains and railroads, and like to make good use of my imaginative sense of humor. I enjoy sharing news articles, as well as stories, thoughts and opinions. I mostly blog for fun....over time updating about once or twice or more a week at least.. (unless health issues or internet issues interfere) Most railroad news will be posted a day late, as it takes me alot of time to collect and code in the links. so be sure to check the back dates, Google Alerts is my main source of railroad news, I was trying to find a way to feed thse automatically into my pages as it happened and still recieve my emails but I could not find a way to do that. I wanted to try to update this daily.. But it is getting really difficult to do. I also do this as it is part of my hobby to collect railroad and train articiles.


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"Well, Houston we have a problem. See.. We went with centurytel/link internet services and phone lines for about 11 yrs, we were out of area so our high speed was slow speed. it was yo yo up down services almost all the time, the phone lines had constant static, the customer support was very rude to us, and their linemen were doing dirty tricks like breaking tabs on the telephone cord inside the house and blaming the issue on that when I said i did not think we had another cord, I knew we did my other resident would walk in with a new cord and he pouted as then he actually had to do his job. So this charade has been going on until my upsiet residents decided to contact the Federal Trade Commission... Then century decided theyare going to rio out our land lines and services and cancel us in 90 days at least they gave notice but they left us hanging knowing no one will bring another landline out our way, and knowing its forcing us into mobile and sattelite only internet.. I thought we had other options but the other residents claim they need a line... So i will be on hughesnet charing it with 30 other peope.. not allowed to watch videos at all anymore.. So this is going to take a huge bit out of my news sharing blog and limited bandwidth now I ordered a mobile travel device called skyroam I am going to try out.. but its not meant to be used as your main wifi all the time but in my case it might have to be.. I might even have to end up ordering another device so I do not overheat or burn out the one... But my biggest worry with this is.. How am I going to keep on earning to afford 8-10$ a day to stay online? This is why I am pushing so hard to sell the text ads on my site.. I will not be able to keep on doing my internet work or activity if I can not afford it on my own. Many of the Articles I would normally be sharing, I can find in the google News search so below my daily article archives now I will have a link to the categories in which google search was the big feed into it. I am sorry, I will not be able to daily keep up with posting as I had. But this at least gives me one option I can do now. Put more time into my actual original writings. So my news blog sharing may end up less news sharing in the sharing section and more sharing of my own original content. I am really sorry for these changes, but it is out of my hands unless I can by some miracle make many sales and get things up enough to afford high bandwidth again" - DNatureofDTrain

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