The Heinzist Prayer Invocations

The Heinzist Prayer Invocations

Used in the beginning or asking G-d/Spirit to join you in prayer.

(most commonly used)

In the Name of the Mother of Mothers,

Father of Fathers, and Spirit of All the of the Ascended Masters.

(Mother meaning all forms of the Goddess, Father all forms of the God, and

ascended masters meaning. All the of ascended masters, and saviors. -

Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya, etc.)

(used often)

In the Name of, or To or With, of the Spirit Above, and Spirit Below, and

everyone from the other realms/astral realms.

(or all ascended masters)

(or Spirits of our Ancestors)

(Above Representing God, and Below representing Goddess, and everyone from

the other realms, representing ancestors, angels, and spirits.)

Then a Take off from the Christian one. In the view of God being Mother.

(rarely used)

In the Name of the Mother, and of the Son, and of the Sacred Spirit.

(Feminine side of God, Then Jesus, and The Holy Spirit)

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