The Heinzist Sacred Meal

The Heinzist Sacred Meal

First the Heinzist Circle is Opened.

The Healing Prayer is Chanted.

Praying towards Each Sacred Direction, Earth, and Sky..

Dedicate this Feast to Which Ever Ascended Master or Masters are being

honored. So if a Christian Minister is Present, A Buddhist and a Wiccan.

Then Each individual receives a blessing or a smudging. By either the

Heinzist Minister or Guest Ministers and Priests.

"We Gather here at this Sacred Supper to Dedicate this Sacred Communion:

Each Minister Steps Forward, when handed the Heinzist Staff, Stick, of

Feather, and Says who they represent.

Christian Minister: Lord Jesus Christ.

Buddhist Minister: Lord Buddha.

Wiccan Priest, and Priestess: God Pan, and Goddess Diana.

At this point. People May Do Baptisms or dedications towards each path

depending on the Guest Ministers requirements to partake or not partake in

their part of the Communion... Most --- Heinzist Ministers understand that

we are all one family and would allow people of any path to partake in the

sacred sacraments... during the Heinzist Sacred Supper

Then Everyone Stands by the Table or Waits a few few behind it (if the

person is handcapped and unable to stand)

The Heinizst Minister's Prayer:

In the Name of Mother of Mothers, Father of Fathers, Spirit of All Ascended

Masters. We join together for this feast or snack in honoring and loving

and bring each other together.

Then Each Minister Prayers a Prayer, and something in the meal is represented from their path, as everyone holds it up like they are doing a toast. Says Thank You Spirit. Then takes a bite.


(This can either be Just Bread and Water, or a whole dinner of mixed

things. But if its mixed things. Then Have a symbols on them to help people

know what is okay in their religion and what is not, as if its a Big

feast of many Heinzists from different backgrounds. Some may not want to eat

of foods that are forbidden of their faith, and the symbols of their faith

should be on them so the Other Heinzists at least allow everyone of that

faith to get some food from their tradition before eating it all for


Spirit is still giving me some thoughts and information on this.

- DNatureofDTrain..

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