The Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Prayer Ceremony

The Heinzist Sunrise/Sunset Prayer Ceremony

Heinzist Sunset/Sunrise Prayer ceremony Introduction:

This is a daily sunset or sunrise prayer ceremony I do it almost every day. Normally my chose time is only at sunset is when I do it cause I been in bed about only 2 hrs by sunrise. But If I wake up by that time or I am already up. I do them then.. The only times I do not do them are when I am very ill, or overly depressed, or when I could cause family disruption, and if feel that I can not truly be thankful in worship, I do a short version of this when I do not have alot of time.

I Start off by honoring the four sacred directions. Since this is sun related, I use the directions in direct relation of where the sun is positioned at the time.

I either fold my hands, bow, do a clap, a beat or a small 3-4 beat rhythem, and the say a prayer to the spirits and sacred elements from or in the direction I am facing/standing. I continue to do this at each direction. Sometimes bowing after the prayer sealing myself with the cross or pentagram at the beginning. This is my way of calling any spirit that wants to join me in worship, and praise to come, and also to seal the doors to unwanted negative energies.

Then I say a prayer, or pledge to the Earth our Mother, and God our father. Or a prayer to the Goddess or God, in whatever traditional prayer I decide to use that day. Then I say or chant a sunset prayer as I watch the sun go down, a healing prayer, and then any other thing that I am drawn to do during worship. sometimes even journeying singing, dancing, or quiet meditation.

If I am outdoors. I ask the Spirits if there is a sign or message for me today. And I look around for a sign in nature that sticks out at me. (One Day I did this and the tree full of birds.. suddenly had a big flock of doves flying over me. The message was I had peace coming my way, as it was a rought month for me.)

Then I thank the Rulers and or the Spirits of Each direction going in reverse from when I started. Thank God as Father and Earth as Mother or the God and Goddess. From what ever tradition or culture I am using.

This is my most used closing. Either a tap, a bow, or Om Thank thee Thank thee. Is said after each.

The Heinzist Short Version is Saying The Direction of the Prayer to the time you are saying it. West for Sunset, East for Sunrise, and the Heinzist Healing Chant.


Heinzist Sunset Prayer Ceremony in How I most commonly do it.

(Some people may place the Angels differently or do the order of these prayers differently.)


Before I start I run and Get my Hize ( translates to hat - my Sacred cap)

Then I either get my drum, or fold my hands in front me.


I Stand facing East. Close my eyes take a deep breath then slowly open them focusing on the horizon line thinking soft eyes, full of love and compassion, staying in tune with the colors as the Sunrises or Sets.


I take a Step Forward. Hit the Drum Once (in calling), and Say this Prayer:

Heinzist Prayer to the East.

As I stand here, Spirit, in the beauty of your morning (or Eastern) light,

Lead us by your wisdom to do what is right.

Please make us all a channel of your loving light.

Please help us to never lose you in our sight.

We thank and praise you.

For we are blind without you.

Alle ace Uno. (All is one)

Hit the Drum Again in Thanks.


I then take a Step Turning Right Step, Turning to face South,

Hit the Drum once (in calling) and Say this prayer:

Heinzist Prayer to the South

As I stand here, Spirit, in the beauty of your mid-day (or Southern) light,

We Thank you for your food and gifts, You give us life.

We thank you for our nourishment from our earth mother, and sunlight.

keep us from wasting you gifts, to keep our relatives needs within our sight,

We Thank you for this, So we all will live healthy lives.

Alle ace Uno. (All is one)

Hit the again in Thanks.


I Then Take a Right Step Facing West Hit the drum once (in calling) and Say this prayer:


Heinzist Prayer to the West - Said in Circle opening, or Sunset

As I stand here, Spirit, in the beautfy of your Sunset (or Western) Light,

I thank you for for all your gifts tonight.

The Gift of the cleansing water and of life.

I ask you to bless us all tonight.

Please Bless us Spirit,

With the Power of your loving Light.

Alle ace Uno. (All is one)

Hit the drum again in Thanks.


I Then Take a Right Step Facing North, and say this prayer.


Heinzist Prayer to the North - Said in Circle opening, or Midnight

As I stand here, Spirit, in the beauty of your midnight (or Northern) light,

We need your strength, to help keep us strong, in the times of dark and light.

Give us patience for your power, and guidance, so we may not stumble but do right.

We rely on you Spirit, as we walk against the cold and cleansing winds of life.

Alle ace Uno. (All is one)

Hit the Drum in Thanks


I Then Say a Prayer To the Earth.

(I Say the Pagan Pledge)

"I pledge allegiance to the Earth, and life in which she supports,

One Planet in Our care, With Sustence and Respect for All."

I Then Say a Prayer To the Sky

I Say Thee Our Father:

Thee Our Father, who are thou in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

And Forgives us our sins,

as we forgive those who do wrong against us.

And Lead us not into temptation.

But deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory are yours.

Hit the Drum again in Thanks.

Then I close my eyes Raised my hands and Say this Prayer to Allah,

All Hail Allah the Lord of the Worlds,

the benefient most merciful.

Master of the day of judgement, The do we serve,

and thee do we beseech for help,

Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whome thou hast bestowed favors,

and not the path of those upon whom thou wrath has been brought down, nor of those who go astray.

Bow in Thanks.

Then I Chant and drum the Sunrise/Sunset Healing Prayer. (usually 4 times cause 4 is Spirits Sacred number to me)

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please come to me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please come surround me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Please flow through me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies,

Heal all those around me.

Then I Do the Osiyo cummin e'lupsin loa. Chant.

It's an invocation that means. Greetings Come in Dance Within Spirit. That Spirit taught to me.

Chant it once face South. Then Chant it 4 on each round spiriling inward, slightly faster each time. When you reach the center twirl one way steping in a spiraling circle pattern. Then Chant it the other way in a spiraling circle pattern. Then Spiral four times out of the circle. Chanting it the same way you go in.. and When you Get out. Face either the Sunrise or Sunset. Chant it in proclaimation, with pride, thanks, and faith. Then Beat the Drum.

Ask Spirit, if there are any signs or messages for me today. Then wait and watch for a sign in nature, Listen if you hear any message come in any manner at this point. Even if you do not recieve anything. Say Thank You Spirit. Do a beat on the drum, and then Close.

OM Thank The Archangel (pause and nod), and devas of the North.

OM Thank The Archangel (pause and nod), and devas of the West.

OM Thank The Archangel (pause and nod), and devas of the South.

OM Thank The Archangel (pause and nod), and devas of the East.

OM Thank thee Mother and devas of the earth.

OM Thanks thee Father God and devas of the sky.

OM Thank thee Spirits from within and without, and those who have joined from the Other or Astral Realm(s).

As Above So Below May the Spirit of love flow through us all go in peace.

I close off the prayer with an intermix of seals. Folding my hands together. Tap once on the fourhead making an arch and then on my lips, and then on my chest. My way of thank you with the mind, actions (speaking), and soul.

Then I make the sign of the cross....going into a pentagram sign. Depending on whether its opening or closing depends on which way I sign the crossbar leading into the pentagram. I nod my head take a small kneal on either my right or left knee whichever one I am drawn to or is easier. Then I stand up Do a half bow with hands folded. kiss my two fingers, and Sign the Lakota sign language sign word for God. To me this is giving God a kiss in compassion, and love.

(c)2003 Heinzism D. C. L. All rights reserved.

(You must email me for permission before using this ceremony. So if you do use it, you are sure you are doing it the right way, and for the right reasons. [email protected])

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