The Heinzist Swear Tree

The Swear Tree

In Heinzism... As Swear Tree is used as a meeting place for Spiritual

Meditations, Promises, self dedications, and very very serious descisions.

I was never taught this. But Always have done this since I was 4 or 5. The Swear Tree started.. Shortly after I watched the Movie. "The Ten Commandments" Where Moses was talking to G_d, at the burning Bush.

I was Four years old. Wandering through the woods, and everything appeared dark. Sun was at High noon, there was clouds in the sky, that made the colors appear very very dark green.

I stopped and looked up to the clouds, and their was a break in the clouds the suns rays shown to me and appeared to look like the branches on the tree was burning...

Being to young to understand the movie the ten commandments. All I understood. Was serious promises were being made at this Bush. That is when I place my hand over my heart, and other onto the tree, and started to come there to make promises.... This is also when I started to see Native Spirits, who helped me out with many fears I had at the time.. some of who are the same Spirits guiding me in the Heinzist tradition.

To me, A Break through the clouds, if the sun's rays fall upon me where I am standing. It means, I am being helped, or being blessed. So the tree and I both had these rays on us. So the tree became a sacred, and bless tree.

This year, I dreamt I met a Thunder Spirit... The ThunderSpirit told me my validation would be to find big hawk feather.. next to the swear tree.

I went out to the woods, and found a Large branch that is gone from the swear tree, that looks like lightning had hit it. Right at the end of the branch, is where I found the feather. (I did not keep the hawk feather by the way.)

Just at the sight of this feather. I danced and cried with happy tears, was just overwhelmed by a feeling of spiritual joy.

So in Heinzism... Any Tree you feel a connection to Spirit under, and that makes you feel like you are within divine presence when you touch it. You can touch your heart, Touch the tree, and in reverence call it the swear tree.

Use the tree to leave Spiritual offerings at, Meditate, Pray, or gather under or around.

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