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(Feathers): Feathers are Believed to show up as bringing messages from loved ones, Angels, Spirit, spirits, and spirit guides.

They are also believed to Carry our prayers over to the Spirit realm if used in prayer. When a loved one has passed on, I always place a feather with them for burial or cremation as a reminder to me and others that they are still in our lives, and can still hear our messages.

Feathers used in sacred ceremonies in Heinzism are not to touch the ground at all, after they are in your possession. (unless put there on purpose to represent a direction, or to represent your message to a buried loved one.)

If a feather falls to the ground it is seen as a sign of laziness, weakness in faith, or possible symbol of death being near, or a major life change of some sort good or bad is on its way. A Fallen Feather represents a Fallen Angel, or a Fallen Prayer. If It leaves your hand. But if a Feather falls out of know where into your hand, your lap, or in your personal space. Then its an important message of comfort coming your way. (This is what I personally believe.)

(The Feathers need to be purified, as in being sprinkled with Holy water or smudged, after touching the ground. Not all feathers just the ones used in the ceremonies. A Prayer of Forgiveness is also said..)

You may NOT use feathers that are illegal, to own or possess in Heinzist Ritual or Ceremony. If you find one that is illegal, Do not pick it up or touch it. For you will get into trouble. You may however get close to it admire it, and ask it's Spirit to Join a Legal feather you have, and decorate the legal feather to represent the illegal one, or put a symbol on it. The Blessing, and message can be given without a touch. :).

What is actually recommended is to Buy Feathers. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Indigo ones. And arrange them together. I will explain how to make a Heinzist Prayer stick use these feathers later on. Black, White, Purple, or Indigo ones can symbolize Spirit.

Hat: Some type of prayer cap, Is used to remind us that We are covered and protected by Spirit, and to reminded us Spirit reins above and around us at all times. (Not required but I have a special prayer hat I use when I do my ceremonies.)

Cleansing in Heinzism: Anything that is seen as a cleansing herb can be used. (As long as it's within the legal laws.) The Herb used in the Heinzism tradition is mainly catnip. This is what my spirit friends suggested to use, for this path. Any plants that are legal and are members of the mint family are consider plants that are cleansing.

I'll add more to this later.

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Sacred Hat: Any prayer cap used in Heinzism. Considers of a hat that Cover only the crown, or part the top part of a person head. It has a single white feather either off the center of the top of it, or off from about the ear facing the back of it.

Sacred Stick: Any stick used in Heinzist ceremony. The Sticks are usually found during a meditative walk in the roads or down the road. Best time the sunny morning after a Storm, as then they are charged with the energies and blessings of the Thunder Spirits, or a stick that lightning has struck off a tree. I have one stick that was struck and laid parallel to my pets grave after I asked for a sign that my pet cat would still be with me to help and guide me. His name, Was Zeus. Tradition Heinzist Sticks Have a Single feather On the Top of the Stick or in the Middle of the Stick. But once again, Feathers in Heinzist Tradition due not touch the Ground during ceremony as they are used as messengers to raise our prayers to Spirit and the Stick Represents from Earth. We used

Sacred Staff: Any Staff used in Heinzist ceremony. The Way these are found. Is usually. One has a Dream that a Staff is being presented to them. Then later on you find a staff exactly like one in the dream. The First time this happened was before I was going on a hike. I had dreamed of a Wooden Staff being handed to me. The Spirit said it would help me on my Spirit walk. Well, the next day on the hike I found myself struggling to breath as I climbed the mountain. I asked to stop an rest a moment. Well I looked down on the tracks that I rode upon through my first train ride... and said. "Spirit Please, Help me find a walking stick or something, I am really struggling to climb this hill and I love the hike so far." I turned around and there is was laying about 7 feet from me this Beautiful Wooden Staff." I have had people tell me it reminds them of Mose's Staff. And they usually grab it, and say. "Let My People Go!". I end up laughing at them as the pretend to be Moses playing with my staff. One Trait of a Sacred Staff, is late at night if its in your bedroom. You will see little sparkles around it. I have many times have seen this staff glow out of pure darkness. And this Staff I used in my Rain Callings, and Other person things I can not teach to fellow Heinzists through this Group. But would have to do in Person after a lot of one and one work with them. A Traditional Trait of a Heinzist Staff is 7 Feathers. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Indigo, and if you can not find all the colors then Use Black and White to Replace the missing Colors.

Sacred Bowl or Pipe: any bowl used for water, or herbs during ceremony. The Heinzist Bowl or Pipe Can be Any Pipe that is allowed to be used. I emphasize allowed. There are Certain Ceremonial Pipes that Should only be used by a Ceremonial Man of their tradition. If I find out anyone is using a Pipe that is forbidden to be Used of that tradition. I will contact a legit Medicine or ceremonial Man, or a Tribal Leader, and report them for doing this. There are no exceptions. Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Prayer Pipes are off limits for the Heinzist Ceremonies unless you have a right to use this Pipe out of their Traditions, and been giving the blessings to do so. You can use Trinkets, But the heinzist Traits of a Sacred Full Moon Pipe. Are You have four feathers. Red, Black, Yellow, White, or Four White Feathers off a String that reachers before a Bowl and after a Bowl. The Pipe is Black and White. Black Representing Absorbing Spirit, White Representing Reflecting Spirit, as well as representing being passive and Active. The Full Moon Pipe Ritual in Heinzism is Used as a cleansing Prayer. We Mainly Use Catnip. I am not gonna post the Full Moon Cleansing Pipe Ritual to the List, or on the files, because a person must be over 18 to do it. This is one of the Most Sacred Rituals in Heinzism. I will however Post the Full Moon Ritual Prayer bowl Ritual. It is similar to the Pipe one has the same purpose and Prayers, and if this ritual that was Taught me by my Spirit Guides, and Spiritual Friends is not treated with respect. They warn. Major Karma will come back on the person. They do not want this ritual mistreated or abused as some have been within other traditions. And as a Heinzist. You will NOT abuse another's sacred Prayer Pipe, Smokes, or Spiritual Smoking Rituals. You will not abuse any religious or sacred tradition. Cause that violates the Heinzist Way, and a Heinzist is to do their best to abide by that way at all times.

Sacred Trees: Oak, Apple, Crab apple, Choke Cherry .. lightning struck trees, or any tree you and Spirit chose as a sacred meeting place, and place to make promises to yourself and Spirit. All Trees, are Sacred in Heinzism and Should be Treated with Respect. Thank the tree for Giving its life if you need to cut it down. Trees are wonderful teachers and Trees and Tree Spirits have played a very important part in the forming of Heinzism. Trees are used in meditative prayers, Trees are used to sleep under for a visionary dreams. Trees, are danced around in Joy. Trees can also represent Spirit, as well.

Sacred Herbs: catnip, and sage.(mainly any legal herb from the mint family)

Prayer Pocket: Small pocket cut off of old jeans with a string put on it to hold prayers.. written on note cards for when you are learning or having troubles remembering the prayers to say, pray or chant. Everyone knows I been hit by lightning and Struggle with Memory from Time to Time. It is not considered disrespectful to pull out a card from your prayer pocket to help remember prayers. Just as long as One does it quietly. :).

Sacred Pouch: (similar to a medicine bundle). To Carry charms, figurines, and small objects of spiritual and sacred significance. Sacred pouch is where we put small tools, or symbols To carry with for certain purposes or all the time. With symbols that remind you of the Heinzist Way, Symbols or Protection, Rocks or different types of Spiritual Energies, or Talismans one works with. Normally We do not let non-Heinzists view what is in our bundles. Unless they take an honest interest, and you can decide if you want to share your gifts with them or not. Alot of times what is in a Heinzist's Pouch are things that one has collecting in certain moments of their life to represet learning and growth.

A Sacred Box: The Same as a Pouch But is not carried all the time. The things in the pouch are out of the Medicine Box. Usually things in the Box represent different treasures you find all you life the represent growth, strengths weakness and that bring good energy, luck, or reminders with you on your path. Often one will chose out of their box what hte right things are to carry in their pouch for a certain day or time period to help them on their Heinzist Journeys.

Sacred Feather: All feathers are sacred to Heinzism, although Duck feathers are used the most. Specially Ones that are Pure White, Black, or are died to rainbow colors to represent all people, traditions, chakras, and energies. (You may NOT use illegal Feathers, to your local state, or country laws.. in your Heinzist Ceremonies.)

Sacred Beads: All Beads used in decorations of Sacred Objects, Used as prayer beads. Many times a Person will chose certain Prayers they feel they should pray over and over in a Series. Sacred Beads are any beads that has been blessed and will be used in a sacred way. Either as to decorate what one wears as their costume, or a tool they use, or a case that holds the tool. Or Beads put ona string to represent their growth.

Sacred Cords: Any Cords used in Heinzism. Can Be of any color but a Traditional Heinzist Cord is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Indigo.

Another Way is to use the cords to represent a People. Red Cord for the Natives, Yellow Cord for the Asians, White for the European, Caucasians, and Irish, and Black for the Africans. This also varies on the people involved and what the group agrees to using in representing. The Cords can Also be tied around the head in Prayer, instead of a prayer cap, or hat.

The Heinzist Braid: Is worn just behind either the right or Left Ear. It represents. Mother of Mother, Father of Fathers, Spirit of All the Ascended Masters, and each individual Hair is to represent each individual person, and all of us living and dancing together in complete peace, and unity. Out of All the Heinzist Tradition Dress Codes this is a True Trait of real Heinzist. Braid can represent the entire Heinzist Way. We Hold in the Braid with a White, Black, Gold, or Rainbow Colored Hair Tie or Rubber band, or none.... Since most who wear the Heinzist braid wear it all the time. We usually pick white or black cause it matches everything and does not make it stick out. White, For Reflection of Spirit, Black for all as one with Spirit, and Gold to Stand for our Sacred Sunset Times, or Times Spent with Spirit, and Rainbow to represent all as one, in unity.

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