The Heinzist Tribe - Intentional Community.
The Heinzist Tribe - Intentional Community

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The Heinzist Tribe - Spiritual Community

The Heinzist Tribe - Spiritual Community

Disclaimer: Heinzism is not Heinz, and never is never to be Shortened up to Heinz. We are not associated with any Heinz companies, charities, incorporations, Family Names, or products of any make whatsoever. Heinzism is not the Ministry name, it is also not a congregation or coven, It is the name of my personal spiritual tradition. That I offer people of any faith, religion, or spiritual path to practice, as long as they agree or follow the Heinzist Way, or Principles. If you feel the need to Shorten the name then use Heinzist :). (with the exception of Casey Heinzism writer's pen name)

Welcome to the Heinzist Tribe's Webpage, if you are looking for a Traditional Native American, First Nations, or American Indian, Tribe. This is NOT the right place. This tribe is based on the Heinzist Tradition, this is not based upon the Cheif founder's Heritage..

Our Tribe is Not associated nor affiliated with any First Nations, or Native Tribes, Bands, or Nations, and NONE of our tribal practices are taken or adapted from ANY Tradition of any type without proper authority or permission.

We are Heinzist Based, Natives, but to all Non-Heinzists we are considered NON-Traditionalists... We welcome non-Heinzist Traditionalists to offer their traditions to our Heinzist tribal community, as long as you agree to keep your real name as a source on record.

We as Heinzists, believe in having respect for all cultures, races, and religions. And we are not to be affiliated or associated with any specific culture or anything other then the Heinzist Tradition.

However, a very small faction within our tribe, do to the Chief Casey Heinzism, our tribal's founders Heritage Heinzism is also known as Amish Indian, but would be considered a New World Order, do to our worldly ways, compared to those of traditional Amish and Native Ways.. in Traditional Native Ways, we are seen are a forwards and backwards tradition.

Thank You. Note: Not all the Tribal Members are part of the "Amish Indian" faction of the Heinzist Tribe.


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