Heinzist Warrior Way

Heinzist Warrior Way

Still Under Construction. I will be rewarding and concising this.


The Heinzist Warrior Way

We Are Spiritual Warriors - We choose to live by these values, and these are our deeds.

The Only ones on this list that are optional that a Heinzist Warrior Does NOT have to live by is the One's Under I agree to Disagree. Agreeing to disagree means agreeing to disagree with those who do not live the same value code or way that you do.

The Heinzist Dress Code Must Be Worn by Warriors during Heinzist Gathering and Activist times. But they do not have to wear it all the time. The Reason it is listed under. I agree to disagree is because of all the different Choices listed. The Meaning of the Heinzist Dress Code stands to symbolize your promise to live by these values, and to show your devotion in the Heinzist faith.

Not all Heinzists Are required to Be a Warrior. But All Heinzist have to due their best to Live the Heinzist Way, at all times. Heinzists just like any other human beings may still break these codes once in awhile because of human error.

I lived for 2 years not breaking one of these rules in the Old Heinzist Strict Code. So It's not impossible. :).


Remain True to Spirit, Others, and Yourself by:



Be Respectful to Spirit, others, and yourself

Be Honest - Do Not Lie or give false testimony, to Spirit, others, and yourself

Beable to recognize the sacred elements at work (earth, air, fire, water, akasha, and spirit, etc.)

Be Pure. Visit sacred or Holy grounds at least once a week (a permanent sacred space or place)

Practice daily prayer, rituals, and worship. (mainly the Sunrise/Sunset Healing Prayer, and other prayers, meditations, affirmations and such of your path.)


Loving One Another



Love one another, Help all children


Harming None (Following the golden rule)



Be the one who does not Harm:

Have Respect for Life: Do not Kill, Do not steal

Keep the Peace: Do not quarrel, or start arguments

(This does not mean you can not voice your opinion or view firmly. Just be respectful while doing so)

(you can debate and chat out your differences, but not purposely fight.)

Be Wise with your speech: Do not Brag

(you can tell other’s about your life and accomplishments but, in a way that does not purposely harm.)

Do not cause unneeded harm to any mind, body, or soul

Do not covet or desire anything to much. (or it causes great pain)

Be soul of three Jewels and Have Right Conviction, Right Knowledge, and Right Conduct


Honoring the Rights of All things and Beings



When in Public Be like a Knight, be a gentlebeing:

A gentlebeing should love justice;

A gentlebeing should have courage;

A gentlebeing should be benevolent;

A gentlebeing is always polite:

A gentlebeing is honorable;

A gentlebeing is loyal;

A gentlebeing has self-control;

A gentlebeing searches for wisdom:

A gentlebeing has love of learning.

Be a Soul of Five Virtues and Be Benevolent, Righteousness, Wise, Sincere, and polite.

* Follow the Way of the Wiselord.

The Way of the Wiselord

“Truth comes first”

To follow the Wiselord’s way you must be pure in thoughts, words, and deeds. You must be charitable and help all in need; you must work the land, grow trees or raise cattle. You must do useful and profitable labor. You must be kind to all useful animals.

Truth is good;

Falsehood is evil.

This is the way of the Wise Lord.

Be one who can Discern the Spirit, and do the best for everyone.

Remember the three Constant pairs:



Birth-Death, are the three constant pairs each mortal must accept.


Agreeing to Disagree



* Do not commit adultery or marry in the family, (unless its tradition and heritage) .

* Do not worship symbols

(use them as aids of contact and representations)

* Remain Sober (unless it is during a ritual, or celebration where there will be no harm.)


Display the Symbols of Heinzism in Dress Code..

Spirit Like:

(Remain True to Spirit Others, and Yourself.)

long hair, completely shaven head, or a sacred hat or cap.

Connecting with Spirit:

(Loving One Another.)

a braid, colored ribbons, white or colored hair extension, wooden comb in

hair, or other symbols of Spirit.

Physical comfort and protection:

(Harming None.)

Wear comfortable, and appropriate clothes to keep your skin healthy, and

protected, and comfortable.

Purity in Strength:

(Honoring the Rights of All things and Beings.)

An Iron or copper bracelet.

Inner Justice and Self Discipline - readiness:

(Agreeing to disagree)

a short dull two edged daggar worn in the street, a cross, crystal or

gemstone, a sacred bag of special rocks and crystals, a symbol of Justice

either worn on an necklace or a belt.

(Real weapons are not considered a symbol of and are forbidden in Heinzist



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